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Bruno Huber Architects, given its extremely versatile structure, covers a vast range of design applications in the fields of architecture, town-planning and interior design.

The customized approach to project development, the computer- based production and the combining of both internal and external consulting and collaboration resources - ensures that the firm is able to provide solutions to a very wide range of projects.


Bruno Huber Architects places a strong accent on the dialog between architecture and interior design. The academic qualifications of the owner and project leader (arch Dipl. ETHZ) lay particular emphasis on the role of the architect as a designer.


The vast experience in the domain of architectural design and construction is further confirmed by the extensive list of projects carried out over the course of the company's professional activity.


The list of achievements of Bruno Huber Architects covers both the field of new construction and the field of restoration where a wide and diverse range of interventions have been carried out.

Bruno Huber Architects is involved in all aspects relating architecture to interior design. This particular domain has an important role to play in those cases where the image and the representativeness of the finished architectural product are particularly well defined and specific. The study of the interior design and decoration, as well as the creation of unique furniture pieces, grants the achievement of particularly refined results, from both a functional and aesthetic point of view.



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